About / FAQ


Visual Velo is a new way to visualize and interpret cycling results. We are passionate about bike racing and data visualization. Founded Spring 2016 we want to bring the full power of modern visualization tools to cycling.


How does it work?

The visualizations here are built using the JavaScript library D3.js. Go to d3js.org to check it out.

My favorite race isn't on here.

Sorry about that. We are working to add more. Send us an email and let us know. There is a non-zero chance we will do something about it.

The graphs aren't interactive when I view them on my phone?

Unfortunately you need to view from a computer to get the full interactive experience. Mobile browsers just don't support all the cool features we put in.

I am using an ancient version of Internet Explorer and it doesn't seem to be displaying properly.

A modern browser is required to fully support the features of this site. That means IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

I think I found a bug or problem with the results.

Please send us an email with a description. We would love to fix it.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you. We can be reached directly at editor@visualvelo.com. You can follow us on the social media to know when updates and cool new features get published to the site (links are in the footer below).